Situated approximately 30 minutes North East of Cardiff sits the town of Blackwood, known to most people as being the hometown of The Manic Street Preachers


Its also the home town of 22 year old Indie / Alternative Rock musician RHYS DAVIS

Known for his anthem style tunes together with slick and tasteful guitar melodies and catchy "stick in your head" vocal hooks, he brings a unique blend of sonic boom to the mix.


Davis a past student of the ACM college Guildford draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres and holds a deep respect for any musician who strives to get their music heard.


If you like Jeff Buckley, John Mayer,  it shouldn't take you long to see where this young singer songwriters inspiration lies, but if you listen carefully you can also hear hints of  The Foo Fighters and Stereophonics.


 So if he’s playing in your town and you get a chance, go and see him!


In August 2017 he released his EP entitled "Chasing light" it has to date recieved good radio play in the UK, Canada and the U.S


October 2018 he is set to release his new E.P "Nouveau Monde" which features four new tracks that have a grittier edge to them and the whole EP has a very live feel to it and with gigs planned all over the UK in support of the record, 2019 looks like its going to be a busy year.



Reviews of "Nouveau Monde" 2018



This 4 track EP kicks off with 'NEW YORK'. A superb opener which really gets your feet thumping and hands tapping.It is a real infectious song with riffs and melody in abundance. A real upbeat Americana song at it's best.
Track 2 is 'WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD' which continues in the same upbeat Americana genre as New York,it has,in my opinion,a hint of Buckley and Byrds in the production.
The third track is 'FARAWAY' which has a slight slower approach but still holds true to the Americana genre. I suppose it is hard to finalise the genre throughout this excellent EP. It is Americana,Melodic Rock,AltRock,Indie but overall I would say a cocktail of the above.
The final track is 'INTO THE WILD' which lifts the tempo up a notch again with superb melodies and percussion all entangled with some superb guitar riffs.
What's not to like on this EP.     8/10 Rating
Rob Hurley
Robsrawmusic blog Facebook
13th September 2018






EP review.
Artist : RHYS DAVIS.
Title : Nouveau Monde (2018)

Opening with some blistering guitar riffs 'New York' kicks off Nouveau Monde in some style. It's a powerfully driven track, setting the bar high from the word go ! There's an almost hard-core Americana feel to this collection - Rhys barely puts a foot wrong and the only criticism we have is that it's too short ! Where's the full album ? Hard hitting tracks, well written, great melodies and delivery - what's not to like ? We expect big things...........

tracks : New York / Welcome To The new World / Faraway / Into The Wild.

The EP launch is at The Patriot, Crumlin, Newport on Oct 5th.


Welsh Connections 11th September 2018







 Reviews of "Chasing Light" 2017



"In a genre filled with young singer/songwriters all eager to share their stories of lost love, heartbreak, hard life lessons, and dreams of the future, you’ll find every man and his acoustic guitar scrambling for a place among the Indie/Folk/Pop/Alternative elite. Occasionally, there’s a gem that shines a little brighter than the rest. That’s where Rhys Davis comes into play with his second EP ‘Chasing Light’.


Rhys Davis hails from Blackwood, a small town in Caerphilly, South Wales.  He studied at the acclaimed Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey where he gained a BMus Honours degree in music performance and song-writing. In early September 2016 he released his first EP ‘Reflections’, after which he went on to support Dan Reed on his UK tour in December 2016.


On August 25th 2017 Davis released his second EP ‘Chasing Light’ that consists of 4 tracks; ‘Somebody’ (due for single release on September 8th 2017), ‘The Light’, ‘Something Like September’ and ‘Take me Home’. That’s 15 minutes of upbeat tracks, full of light melodies with interesting rhythm and hooks that are evidently influenced by the musical talents of John Mayer, Ben Howard and Jeff Buckley.


Throughout the EP you’ll find choruses that are catchy with easy vocals that ooze smooth, easy listening from start to finish. Lyrically the album is beautifully constructed, set to jangly and light guitars that seem to lift the spirit. His music reminds me of summer nights, strolls along the river, laughing and just enjoying the simpler things in life. It’s a feel good EP and it really put a smile on my face and lifted the heaviness I’ve felt just lately. So, if you’re looking for an EP that will help you shake off the moody blues, maybe a few songs to chill out to with a glass of wine then look no further than Rhys Davis. Better yet, drink that glass of wine at a live performance! "


                          Samantha Lloyd

                           Down the front media Sept 2017





Welsh singer-songwriter Rhys Davis’ latest EP is reminiscent of something soft from the 90s, like Train or The Goo Goo Dolls. It’s a positive and uplifting, very happy collection.

Singing about time, lost love, and old memories, Rhys has created a four-track release of well-produced indie pop. He draws influence from such artists as Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard, and emulates a style echoing their approach yet also remains distinct to his own musical tone. The guitar work in particular really helps carry the sound from track to track. It is a unifying, recurring element of his music that makes the songs distinctive and binds Chasing Light as a single entity.

“Something Like September” is my favourite track here. There’s a lot of genuine emotion packed into the singing and guitar work. It is the most passionate and detailed song on the EP – the lyrics and riff are really lovely and memorable. It’s sort of a sad song but, like the rest of the tracks, carries a hopeful tone. While it and the final track are a lot more melancholic than the first two, all four have a unified sense of reflection that bridge this EP.

Ultimately, Chasing Light is an artistic and powerful release. It’s a testament to Rhys’ own feelings and wishes – I can tell there’s some personal influence driving these lyrics. He’s created four songs of well-produced indie pop; an expression of love and regret. This EP is a good release to remind oneself of the end of summer, or of other fleeting and reflective memories. I quite enjoyed this album, and it invoked genuine emotion every time I listened. I look forward to checking out more from Rhys in the future.


Written by: Cazzy Lewchuk

The Perminent Rain Press Canada November 2017


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